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Canada’s First Nations and Cultural Genocide by Robert Z. Cohen (24)

I wanted to read a few books about Indigenous people.  I got interested in this whole topic while attending a few conferences and workshops about the Indigenous people here in my area.  There is so much that I didn’t know. … Continue reading

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The Nature of the Beast (47)

This is a wonderful novel by Louise Penny. Her prose is very engaging and the story will have you seated in your seat or shall I say on the edge of your seat… The story is about a nine-year-old Laurent … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Creative Class (132)

This is a wonderfully inspiring book about creativity and how we are developing a new class of workers–the creative class of workers. The creative class is reshaping our economy, our geography, our work, and our whole way of life. There … Continue reading

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Changing Cultural Landscapes (106)

This is a GREAT picture book about human migration and settlement. And since we have had a lot of refugees coming from many different places, it is a book that most kids should read. Given the refugee crisis that we … Continue reading

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Petal It! How Bicycles are Changing The World (105)

This is a wonderful picture book for kids on cycling. It is book like no other that I have ever read.  It is educational and inspiring at the same time. And it has wonderful information in it as well–information that … Continue reading

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Aging in Canada (94)

This is a GREAT book about aging in Canada. Neena Chappell and Marcus Hollander are very well researched in the field of Social Gerontology. So, this book is as informative as it is scholarly. Canada, as in other countries, has … Continue reading

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Inner Beauty by Xiaolan Zhao (93)

This book is a must-read for all women who believe that beauty can be fostered from the outside. This books shows that beauty can only be developed from the inside out. There is no lotion or potion that can help … Continue reading

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