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Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life by Karen Armstrong (11)

I love books that leave us a hope that we can all make this world a better place. And Karen Armstrong believes that we can make the world a better place through gestures of compassion. Our world doesn’t have a … Continue reading

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The Garden of Eden by Sharon Butala (113)

Here is another book by Sharon Butala!  This one is a fictional book. It is written almost poetically. It is like a good meal, it has all the flavours and textures to make a delightful story. This is a sweeping, … Continue reading

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9 Lessons I learned from My Father by Dr. Murray Howe (107)

This is a wonderful book that reads like a memoir about a great hockey player: Gordie Howe. Murray was like a lot of sons of great hockey players or leaders in any human field of endeavour, he wanted to be … Continue reading

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Learning to Yearn by Laurie Kenyon (47)

This is a wonderful book about how to overcome your deepest negative emotions and be able to thrive despite it. I know it sounds farfetched.  When I first learned about the book, I was wondering about it too. But then … Continue reading

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Sweet Jesus by Christine Pountney (28)

This book is dazzling and original and it is written by a new writer from Toronto.  There are so many great writers in Canada and I am SO glad that new writers are seeing how important it is to share … Continue reading

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