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The Book of Letters by Paul and Audrey Grescoe (25)

This book of stories has been carefully selected from personal collections, archives, and museums. The letters in this collection range from heart-rending accounts of toil to the impassioned grandiloquence of premiers, from an escaped slave’s chastising of his former master … Continue reading

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Wild Berries by Julie Flett (15)

This is a wonderfully whimsical picture book for kids that will attract both the younger child and the older as well. Who doesn’t love blueberries?  Most of us love the taste of them and we love to hold them. But … Continue reading

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Monoculture: How One Story is Changing Everything by F. S. Michaels (14)

This is a wonderful exploration about how the art of story telling is changing everything. As human beings, we are always told stories.  There are stories about who we are, where we come from, and where we’re going. Now imagine … Continue reading

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DNA Is not Destiny by Steven J. Heine (237)

This is a brand new book that I found in my local library on the new book’s shelf.  I am SO glad that I read it! So many of us believe that if we have parents who are prone to … Continue reading

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Eat Up: An infographic Exploration of Food By Antonia Banyard and Paula Ayer (225)

This is an important book for kids of all ages. I can absolutely see this book for home economics’ assignments and for other informational purposes. Even I learned a lot from this book that I definitely didn’t know. We all … Continue reading

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Just Cool It: The Climate Change and What to do about it By David Suzuki and Ian Hanington (219)

This book is a must read for all Canadians who are interested in this wonderful world of ours and are wondering about climate change and whether it will have long-lasting and devastating effects. There is so much misinformation out there. … Continue reading

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Tangles: A Story About Alzheimer’s, My Mother, and Me by Sarah Leavitt (209)

This is a book about Alzheimer’s. It is a book with serious overtones. It is a must read for anyone who has Alzheimer’s running in the family. It is a poignant book, one that is filled with sadness, but the … Continue reading

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