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Triumph Over Shyness by Murray B. Stein and John R. Walker (172)

There’s nothing wrong with being shy. The world needs some quiet, thoughtful and introspective people. These are people who don’t shoot off their mouths first and ask questions later or perhaps never. Shy people are also reluctant to intrude and … Continue reading

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10 Simple Solutions to Shyness by Martin M. Antony (171)

This is a wonderful book about how to overcome shyness, social anxiety, and the fear of public speaking. It is a book for all of us. Almost everyone feels uncomfortable in social situations from time to time. In fact, feelings … Continue reading

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Natural Causes by Barbara Ehrenreich (170)

This book is a must-read if you are concerned about the new emphasis on physician-assisted suicide and the epidemic of fitness regimens despite the fact that we are the most obese and unhealthy in decades. This is a razor-sharp polemic, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Chinese Pearl by Patrick Aaron

Chinese Pearl By Patrick Aaron There are some books that one cannot put down. They transfix you and make you forget the rest of the world. This is the magic of a good story, and I found that Chinese Pearl … Continue reading

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Sammy Swan’s Summer Adventure in Stratford by Tarra Trachsel Green (169)

This is a book by an author from Stratford Ontario, where I live!  The book is also autographed by the writer.  I just love picking up books like this from my local library! This is an engaging story of a … Continue reading

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Holding on to Normal by Alana Somerville (168)

This is a memoir about how one lady survived cancer and made it to the other side happier, healthier and stronger. I just love inspiring stories like this.  It sure makes my heart sing.  This is especially the case since … Continue reading

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One Hundred Years of Struggle by Joan Sangster (167)

This is a wonderful book about the history of women and the vote in Canada.  It is hard to believe that so much positive has changed for women.  But it sure did take a long time! The achievement of the … Continue reading

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The Year of Less by Cait Flanders (166)

How many of us overspend, over consume, and over budget?  How many of us max out our credit cards looking for all the week’s deals at stores so that we can keep accumulating? Since we live in a culture of … Continue reading

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The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus by John R. Cross (165)

I was always interested in who was the stranger on the road to Emmaus.  It is a parable that can baffle any Christian who wants to really know the message contained in this very important parable. So, when I saw … Continue reading

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Scar Tissue by Michael Ignatieff (164)

This is a book about the loss and death.  It is a book that will inform about end of life issues and show us how to move past them. At the heart of Michael Ignatieff’s startling account of a woman’s … Continue reading

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