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Canada: Inspire, Plan, Discover, Experience by DK Eyewitness (17)

Canada is such a marvelous country! It has soaring snow-capped mountains and rugged coastlines. There is the vast stretches of pristine arctic wilderness and vibrant cosmopolitan cities. There are furious ice hockey games, and maple syrup. This enormous country has … Continue reading

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The Art of Social Enterprise by Carl Frankel and Allen Bromberger (25)

This is a book about business and how we can all conduct business as if people mattered. Wow, what if all businesses operated that way?? This book is mission driven and business as a vehicle for change. This book is … Continue reading

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110 Nature Hot Sots in Ontario by Chris Earley and Tracy C. Read (176)

Here is my last read before the official start of summer. And this one is so picturesque.  This time it is a travel book of sorts.  Although it offers so much more that we can grasp onto to. I will definitely … Continue reading

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The Prairies (104)

I have been reading quite a few books about the prairies lately. I just love the flatlands of Canada, and I look forward to visiting the Prairies soon. The book shows how crops create geometric patterns in the farmland near … Continue reading

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My Conversations with Canadians by Lee Maracle (100)

On her first book tour at the age of 26, Lee Maracle was asked a question from the audience, one she couldn’t possibly answer at that moment.  But she has been thinking about it ever since. As time passed, she … Continue reading

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Maximum Canada: Why 35 Million Canadians Are Not Enough by Doug Saunders (89)

This is another book that I found on the new book shelf at my local library. And the cover sure jogged my attention, as you will already saw in the cover displayed here. The book raises a question that I … Continue reading

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Canada: A Country for All Seasons: A Visual Celebration of Canada and All Its Seasons (54)

This book is a pictorial representation of all the seasons in Canada. We are lucky in Canada to have all the seasons to grace our lives. The seasons are quite vibrant and they demand attention. Winter is wonderful because we … Continue reading

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