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Vi by Kim Thuy (4)

Here is another wonderful book by Kim Thuy!  She is become one of the most cherished writers I have ever read!  And she is from Montreal, where I was born and raised. Vi is a role model for all teen … Continue reading

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Man by Kim Thuy (3)

Well, I am starting my journey across Canada for the Canadian Book Review challenge.  I will start with Montreal. I love Kim Thuy.  I have read other books by her before and I am always impressed by how unique her … Continue reading

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Matters of Life and Death by Andre Picard (127)

One of our biggest and most pressing health issues now is euthanasia and physician assisted death.  It is now legal under certain circumstances for physicians to end the life of their patients if they patient falls into a particular set … Continue reading

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Louis St. Laurent by J.W. Pickersgill (126)

This is a book about a great Canadian, Louis St. Laurent! I just love books about Canadian politics. Under St. Laurent’s government, confederation was completed and three major construction projects, the St. Lawrence Seaway, The Trans-Canada Highway, and a transcontinental … Continue reading

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Subject to Change by Karen Nesbitt (124)

This is another story about a teen’s life.  It is set in a small town and it shows how a teen’s life can spiral downward to a series of let-downs. Declan’s brother is a delinquent. His performance in school is … Continue reading

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Montreal by Alan Hustak and Johanne Norchet (53)

This is a wonderful collector’s book about Montreal! I was born in Montreal, and there is so much that I didn’t know about this wonderful city. I learned so much about the city. But I also learned how Montreal looked … Continue reading

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This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel J. Levitin (233)

This is a book about the science of a human obsession. It is a comprehensive scientific understanding of how humans experience music and why it plays such a unique role in our lives. In this book. Levitin unravels the mystery … Continue reading

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