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Inner Beauty by Xiaolan Zhao (93)

This book is a must-read for all women who believe that beauty can be fostered from the outside. This books shows that beauty can only be developed from the inside out. There is no lotion or potion that can help … Continue reading

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Fighting Words (92)

This book is about Canada’s best war reporting. It is written by a reporter and author, Mark Bourrie. He has written for all of Canada’s major newspapers and magazines. This book is a collection of the very best war journalism … Continue reading

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Your Guide to Becoming an Activist (91)

This book by Jane Drake and Anne Love is a must read for all activist enthusiasts.  I found the book a real wonderful read, despite the fact that I am not much of an activist at all! Throughout history, social … Continue reading

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Canada: Past, Present and Future (90)

In every part of the world, there are special features of communities, countries and families that set them apart. And Canada is no exception. From the way people talk and dress, to the landscape itself, each part of a community … Continue reading

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The Favourite Game by Leonard Cohen(89)

This is a wonderful novel.  It is funny, satirical and sad.  It is a true portrait of an artist from his early days to the time when he became successful and accomplished. Leonard Cohen had quite a life. The novel … Continue reading

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Book of Mercy by Leonard Cohen (88)

This is a companion volume to Leonard Cohen’s most recent collection of poetry, The Book of Longing. I loved this book, and although it is not a book of poetry, and is not necessarily part of our challenge for the … Continue reading

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Book of Longing by Leonard Cohen (87)

I am enjoying this month’s mini-challenge that was set up by John Mutford!  You are just a gem when it comes to setting up these challenges!  I truly enjoy them john! This month’s challenge was a bit harder in that … Continue reading

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