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Fierce Women Who Shaped Canada by Lisa Dalrymple (136)

This is a wonderful book about seven important women who have made and shaped Canada the place that it is. These women were brave, courageous and fierce–the exact traits that make women great at any time. This book is written … Continue reading

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The Power of Kindness: Why Empathy is Essential in Everyday Life by Brian Goldman (44)

When I saw this book on the new book shelf, I was intrigued. We all know the importance of kindness. And in many cases in life, only kindness really matters.  But can most of us be kind?  This book underlines … Continue reading

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Natural Causes by Barbara Ehrenreich (170)

This book is a must-read if you are concerned about the new emphasis on physician-assisted suicide and the epidemic of fitness regimens despite the fact that we are the most obese and unhealthy in decades. This is a razor-sharp polemic, … Continue reading

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Don’t Let My Past Be Your Future by Harry Leslie Smith (147)

This is a wonderful book that is honest and poignant. It interweaves memoir and polemic in a call to arms.  The book is set in the Great Depression. Harry Leslie Smith is a great British stalwart. He is a survivor of the … Continue reading

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You are the Earth by David Suzuki (145)

This is another wonderful book by David Suzuki!  It is a book that will help kids know their world so that they can help make it better. Nature has a remarkable ability to heal itself, given half a chance. For … Continue reading

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River in a Dry Land by Trevor Herriot (111)

This is the second book I read by Trevor Herriot.  I just love his writing, and this book didn’t disappoint either. Although it isn’t my favorite book written by him, this is my personal opinion of course, I really loved … Continue reading

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Get me Another One by Robert Munsch and Mile Boldt (108)

This is a wonderful picture book by one of Canada’s greatest picture book writers. The illustrations bring the message of the book to the reader clearly and vividly. Every child will want to real this book over and over again … Continue reading

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