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The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur (121)

This book intrigued me when I saw it on my library book shelf of new books. I love the sun and the flowers. So, it was initially in line with my loves and passions. But as I started reading the … Continue reading

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The Complete Book of the Winter Olympics by David Wallechinsky and Jaime Loucky (120)

This book is often called the bible of the Olympics. It is a must-have reference for all sports enthusiasts and Olympic fans. Since we are in the midst of the Olympics at Pyeongchang Olympics I decided to pick up this … Continue reading

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The Girl in Saskatoon by Sharon Butala (119)

I love any story by Sharon Butala.  She is a native of Saskatchewan. And she lives and breathes the stories that she writes. This is a nonfiction book about friendship, memory, and murder. So, it is a story that will … Continue reading

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Worry Free Money by Shannon Lee Simmons (118)

This is a wonderful new book about how to manage money. I always love books like this.  I believe the author presents a fresh new way to think about money. Managing your money can be frustrating and confusing. Life is … Continue reading

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Dance Gladys, Dance by Cassie Stocks (117)

This is a wonderful story that grabbed my attention because of the title!  I love books that are about dance, be they metaphorical, as this one is or real.  It brings me back to younger days when I was a … Continue reading

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The Inner Life of Animals by Peter Wohlleben (116)

I just love books that argue for the idea that animals have emotions such as love, grief and compassion. I have observed that myself and it makes me think that this author is definitely onto something right. This book is … Continue reading

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Lost Treasures by Larry Verstraete (115)

This is a wonderful book about treasures that can be found everywhere, even under water. Treasure means different things to different people. It comes in many forms and shapes, and is just waiting to be discovered. What is considered valuable … Continue reading

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The Perfection of the Morning by Sharon Butala (114)

This is a memoir-type book about her journey from a career in academe to the West with her new husband. She obviously made a lot of sacrifices. But I am sure there are still things that she misses about her … Continue reading

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The Garden of Eden by Sharon Butala (113)

Here is another book by Sharon Butala!  This one is a fictional book. It is written almost poetically. It is like a good meal, it has all the flavours and textures to make a delightful story. This is a sweeping, … Continue reading

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Lilac Moon by Sharon Butala (112)

I have recently started reading this author that I was completely unfamiliar with before.  I saw the books at my local library and they tweaked my attention immediately. I just love prairie authors. I have been trying to pick as … Continue reading

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