The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur (121)

This book intrigued me when I saw it on my library book shelf of new books. I love the sun and the flowers. So, it was initially in line with my loves and passions. But as I started reading the poetry contained in the book, I was transformed from the inside out. I will never look at a flower or the sun in the same way. Now, if only spring can arrive….

Rupi’s poetry spans many different topics. But most of them are seeped in the love of nature that she had and how it had the power to transform her world and life into something beautiful. Very few of us are conscious and aware enough to really appreciate nature to this extent.

Nature should be treated with a tender hand and it should be enjoyed. The sun and flowers that emerge out of a garden can transform many a life out of the banal and meaningless and perhaps even desperate to a place of heavenly splendor, all in one engagement and experience.

May we all look at nature a new way.

The book is written without any conventions of grammar so that it can be authentic and enticing to the reader.

I recommend this book to everyone in the Canadian Book Review Challenge.



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