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Exploring the Sky by Day by Terence Dickinson (57)

This book is an equinox guide to weather and the atmosphere weather patterns and how clouds form and so much more. This book is a friendly guide to weather and the natural wonders of the sky. Terrence Dickinson also wrote … Continue reading

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A Handbook for Beautiful People by Jennifer Spruit (56)

This is a book that I won with the Canadian Book Review Challenge last year.  I have been reading and reading these 2 books. Now it is time to review the first one and then the second one. This is … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Anxiety: Yours and Mine by Patricia Pearson (55)

Books on depression abound, but no one has yet tacked a book length the insidious, unnamed dissolution that anxiety disorders induce in the people who suffer with them. There is a lot of fear today in our culture. the politics … Continue reading

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Beat the Bank by Larry Bates (54)

This book represents the Canadian guide to Simply Successful Investing. It is a must read for all Canadians who are trying to save money, but are having a difficult time to do so.  It is time for us to make … Continue reading

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After Hours by Darrell Epp (53)

This is a wonderful book of poems for the younger audience so far as I can see.  I enjoyed the read though, and will buy the book and put it in my library. In this book, our hero awaits Dorothees’ … Continue reading

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Flush: A Robin MacFarland Mystery by Sky Curtis (52)

This is the second book that I won through the Canadian Book Review Challenge last year. This novel is a mystery. It is also a great read. I also had no idea that the publisher of this novel, Inanna Press … Continue reading

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Epiphany by Michael Coren (51)

This is a very interesting book too about a Christian’s change of heart and mind over same-sex marriage.  It is a book that is relevant for our times. For many years, Michael Coren was recognized as loved and hated in … Continue reading

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Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra by D. L. Cann (50)

For my fiftieth book, I decided to read and review a book about Saint Nicholas. His life always fascinated me. This book portrays the life and times of the original Father of Christmas.  It is a book that should answer … Continue reading

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British Columbia by Andrew Hempstead(49)

This is a wonderful travel book about British Columbia.  It highlights all the attractions as well as places to stay that are affordable and memorable. I have always wanted to visit BC.  This book has inspired me to put this … Continue reading

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Life Without Plastic by Chantal Plamondon and Jay Sinha (48)

I saw this book on the new book shelf at my local library and immediately I decided that I needed to read it.  The cover says it all. Our world is filled with plastic of every kind and stripe.  Plastic … Continue reading

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