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DasingThrough the Snow by Helaine Becker (71)

I just love this rendition of Jingle Bells. It is unique and it has quite a cute ring. Porcupine and friends are back for more Christmas fun! When Santa’s gifts get mixed up, how will the animals figure out which … Continue reading

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Ford Abomination by Linwood Barclay (70)

This is an absolutely hysterically funny account of Ontario politics over the past decade. Although the book is predominately about Doug Ford, it also contains other anecdotes from a politics that has largely lost its way. The author portrays Doug … Continue reading

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A Porcupine in a Tree by Helaine Becker (69)

Around this time of year, I always take out children’s Christmas books. I am SO inspired by their books, and I love the message of goodwill and happiness that they celebrate. This book counts its way to Christmas fun with … Continue reading

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Harry Livingstone’s Forgotten Men by Dan Black (68)

This is a book about the Canadians and the Chinese Labour Corps in the First World War. It is a book that is sad and memorable, just in time for Remembrance Day. Harry Livingstone was a small-town doctor from Listowel, … Continue reading

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Backroads of Ontario by Ron Brown (67)

Ontario has so many scenic routes. When I arrived here from Montreal, I couldn’t believe the depth and breath of this province. I felt more home than in Montreal for many reasons. I started my life in Ontario in the … Continue reading

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Vancouver Island by Theo Dombrowski (66)

I still have Vancouver on my bucket list.  I really want and need to get there at some point in my life time. So, every time I happen to see a new book about Vancouver, I pick it up and … Continue reading

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The Joy of Missing Out by Christina Crook (65)

Most of us can’t throw away our smartphone or cut ourselves off from the internet. But we can all rethink our relationship with the digital world, discovering new ways of introducing balance and discipline to the role of technology in … Continue reading

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