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Borderline by Allan Stratton (31)

This is a compelling coming of age story about acceptance and fear. It is wrapped in a fascinating adventure/thriller/mystery. All these elements are shaking mightily in this novel. When the FBI descends in a whirlwind of Sami Sabiri’s home, Sami … Continue reading

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Little Yellow House by Carissa Halton (141)

This is a wonderful book about how one can live in a poor area with a lot of crime around you just because you like a house and think you can create a home out of it. This book showed … Continue reading

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Where Nests the Water Hen Gabrielle Roy (39)

This is another great book by Gabrielle Roy.  I took out a few from the library. And I have enjoyed reading all of them.  What a wonderful writer she is! This story is as pure as the lives of the … Continue reading

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Children of My Heart by Gabrielle Roy (38)

This is a great book!  Despite its small size, it is elegiac and graceful. It is also filled with homely wisdom that it overflows its pages. Gabrielle Roy is a wonderful writer and storyteller.  She is one of Canada’s truly … Continue reading

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Sleeping in the Ground by Peter Robinson (11)

This is another story from an award-winning author in Toronto.  It is a story that will keep you engaged and reading until the end. Detective Superintendent Alan Banks is called in to lead the investigation after a shocking mass murder … Continue reading

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Bellevue Square by Michael Redhill (10)

This is a book by an award-winning and bestselling author. This story is a darkly comic literary thriller about a woman who fears for her sanity–and then her life when she learns that her Doppelganger has appeared in a local … Continue reading

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Small Mechanics by Lorna Crozier (152)

For this month’s mini-challenge with the Canadian Book Review Challenge, I picked up 4 books of poetry. It is so nice to delve into a bit of poetry, given that this is the national poetry month.  Thank you Melanie for … Continue reading

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