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Acts of Kindness by Adam Mayers (125)

This is a wonderful series of snippets on how people in Canada have experienced kindnesses, mostly in the hands of strangers. I felt the same when I first moved to Toronto.  It was quite something. People who never met me … Continue reading

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Looks Can Kill by Riam Shammaa (124)

This is a book about a doctor’s journey through steroids, addiction and online fitness culture. It is an eye-opening book that is sad because of how our culture treats the body–something that is so wonderful and beautiful! The online fitness … Continue reading

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Start Here by Pier Bryden and Peter Szatmari (123)

This book is a parent’s guide to helping children and teens through mental health challenges. There are so many such challenges in our culture right now. So, its a timely and important book for parents and educators alike. As parents, … Continue reading

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Kitten’s Spring by Eugenie Fernandes (122)

This is a wonderful picture book for kids of all ages about spring.  Since we are in the process of experiencing spring ourselves, I took this wonderful book out just to get a taste of what’s to come. Spring is … Continue reading

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Scotty: A Hockey Life Like No Other by Ken Dryden (121)

Scotty Bowman is renowned as the best coach in hockey history and one of the greatest coaches in all of sports. He won more games and more Stanley Cups than anyone else. Remarkably, despite all the changes in hockey, he … Continue reading

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The Grand River Watershed by Karen Houle (120)

I have been reading a few books of Canadian poetry lately. They were both on my new book display at the local library, and I really enjoyed reading them. How might we grasp the natural history of a river in … Continue reading

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Best Canadian Poetry 2019 by Rob Taylor (119)

This is a wonderful book of Canadian poetry. The poems all have a breath and depth like no other that I have read for a very long time. This can used anytime to soothe your nerves and to bring you … Continue reading

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Nobody Ever Talks About Anything But the End by Liz Levine (118)

This is a memoir-type of nonfiction book about death and suicide. It is a very differently structured book, but one that I read once and reread again. In November, 2016, Liz Levine’s younger sister, Tamara, reached a breaking point after … Continue reading

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Lost Feast by Lenore Newman (117)

This is a book about culinary extinction and the future of food, one of the most fascinating topics to date. When humans love foods, we love them a lot. So much so that we have often eaten them into extinction. … Continue reading

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Because of You by Terri-Lynn Penney (116)

This is a memoir of loss and longing. It is a memoir that is all too common sadly among mother and daughter relationships. It is one of the most complex dynamics in families. The cover grabbed my attention right away. … Continue reading

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