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The Vintage Book of Canadian Memoirs by George Fetherling (239)

I am SO glad that I picked up this book from my local library. It is one of these books that I will treasure for a long time and it makes the Canadian Book Review Challenge even more exciting for … Continue reading

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A Deepening Life by Joan Grundy (220)

This is a memoir-type book about how disheartening it is to watch a parent with Alzheimer’s grow more and more distanced from us. It can be so painful; yet, many graces and lessons can be learned, as Joan Grundy has … Continue reading

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This is Not my Life by Diane Schoemperlen (148)

This is a memoir of love, prison and other complications. It is a book that will keep you reading and reading until the last page. For almost six turbulent years, award-winning writer Diane Schoemperlen was involved with a prison inmate … Continue reading

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The Debt to Pleasure (87)

This  a memoir that I truly love because it relates the story of his life through his most basic and sublime of human passions: food! John Lanchester is an Englishman of indeterminate age whose spiritual home has always been France. … Continue reading

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In-Between Days by Teva Harrison (62)

This is one of the most memorable memoirs I ever read!  It is a book that will make you laugh and cry. But in the end, it will empower you. This book is a frank exploration of being diagnosed with … Continue reading

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Always a Silver Lining (123)

This is a book about Keith Culliton. He is an important figure here in Stratford where I live. He just recently retired from politics last year and he has been missed on the Stratford City Council. Keith Culliton founded a … Continue reading

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The Favourite Game by Leonard Cohen(89)

This is a wonderful novel.  It is funny, satirical and sad.  It is a true portrait of an artist from his early days to the time when he became successful and accomplished. Leonard Cohen had quite a life. The novel … Continue reading

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