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The New Entrepreneurs by Andrew Heintzman – 199 e-book

This is an e-book that I planned to read for this month’s Challenge with the Book Mine Club.  However, I procrastinated and only finished reading it yesterday. So, here is my review. I loved the book.  I love books about … Continue reading

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Ellen in Pieces By Caroline Adderson (198)

thoroughly enjoying my sojourn into authors from Vancouver. They are truly talented, and they have a unique of writing that really captures my imagination and resonates with me. So, after reading a lot of Molly Peacock’s books, I now decided … Continue reading

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100 Easy-to-Grow Native Plants For Canadian Gardens By Lorraine Johnson (200)

This is a wonderful colourful book of all kinds of plants that can be grown in Canada in different climates. I love spring because so many new books are published on how to create just the perfect garden, given our … Continue reading

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Alphabetique: 26 Characteristic Fictions By Molly Peacock (197)

In this wonderful and unique book, Molly Peacock has written a new classic one of a kind collection of tales inspired by the lives of the letters of the alphabet. The book is as different as it is unique. I … Continue reading

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Flight and Freedom: Stories of Escape to Canada By Ratna Omidvar and Dana Wagner (196)

This book has been in the making for many years. It is a narrative of flight with the other people in this book. Canada is a country of immigrants and refugees. It is becoming a multi-cultural country, one that is … Continue reading

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The Paper Garden: By Molly Peacock (195)

This is a beautifully written book. The art work in the book is mesmerizing and bold. I just loved them! Each of them could be framed. This is a story about Mary Granville Pendarves Delany (1700 to 1788). She was … Continue reading

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Persuasion: A New Approach to Changing Minds By Arlene Dickinson (194)

This is an important book for all of us about how to persuade others to understand us. No one teaches us how to persuade others. Persuasion is nowhere on the high school curriculum either. Yet, it is one of these … Continue reading

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Royal Tour by Amy Alward (193)

This story is so romantic and delightful! I am SO happy that I came upon this author in all my searches at my local library. It is a relatively new book, one that I will purchase because of how good … Continue reading

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Medicine Walk By Richard Wagamese (192)

This is a great story by Richard Wagamese. I read this author a few weeks ago, and I really enjoyed his other book as well. Following the success of Richard Wagamese national bestseller Indian Horse comes this universally resonant novel … Continue reading

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Kay’s Lucky Coin Variety By Ann Y. K. Choi (191)

The title of this novel really intrigued me. So, when I saw it on the shelf of my library, I decided to read it. Mary, named Yu-Rhee at birth, is a Korean girl growing up with her brother above her … Continue reading

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