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Keep Your Brain Young by Fraser Smith (32)

This book discusses a health and diet program for your brain, including 150 recipes that are very easy to make in anyone’s busy schedule. We are generally living longer, so it’s more important than ever to age well and enjoy … Continue reading

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The World in Six Songs by Daniel J. Levitin (232)

This is another book by Daniel Levitin.  It is a book about the brain and how music influences it and vice versa. According to Levitin, our brains made music, art, science and society possible. He uncovers six fundamental ways that … Continue reading

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The Idiot’s Brain by Dean Burnett (151)

This a great read for anyone who is interested in neuroscience or how the brain works. Our brain is very complicated and it is very simplistic in places too. Dr. Dean Burnett dispels all the mysteries of the brain in … Continue reading

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