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Be With by Mike Barnes (150)

This is an honest, raw look at how it feels to take care of someone close to you who has dementia. There are places of sadness in this book. But there is always the triumph of the writer who dared … Continue reading

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Destination Space: Living on Other Planets By Dr. Dave Williams (149)

There is so much that is interesting in our solar system. This wonderful informative, clear and illustrative book helps us understand how vast and wonderful our planets are. This book is written by Dr. Dave who knows the planets first-hand. … Continue reading

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Eat This! By Andrea Curtis (148)

This is a very informative book about how we are brainwashed into eating junk food daily. The book has many side-bars with mind-blowing facts that will make most readers pause and reflect. For instance, I had no idea that forth-five … Continue reading

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In the French Kitchen With Kids by Mardi Michels (147)

Who doesn’t like fresh cooking? I know my mouth starts to water when I see French food prepared on television. I always thought it was hard to make French food. However, this book taught me otherwise. After reading this book, … Continue reading

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Women Talking by Miriam Toews (146)

I am blown away by the breath, depth, and marvelous stories of Canadian writers. And this book by Miriam Toews is no exception. She writes with wit and warmth. She also acutely demonstrates the role of humor when rendering the … Continue reading

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Canadian Structures and Sustainability by James Bow (145)

There have been many natural disasters in Canada. Hurricane Hazel created a lot of damage in 1954. Many people were killed, roads, were washed out, and some collapsed altogether. We need to make structures more sustainable. Around the world more … Continue reading

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Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig (144)

As we know the rates of stress and anxiety are at an all time high!  We are stressed and sometimes, and I dare say, most times overstressed. So, this is a book for our time and about our time. Matt … Continue reading

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Does Canada Own the Arctic? The Argument For and Against by Simon Rose (143)

There are two sides of the debate of whether the Arctic is owned by Canada. In this book, the two sides are examined in detail. The book is written for kids of all ages. I can see this book used … Continue reading

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Wasted Time by Edward Hertrich (142)

This is a memoir about Edward Hertrich who ends up in prison for a while. He was born and raised in Toronto’s Regent Part. He left high school in grade eleven to start working. A year later, he started dealing … Continue reading

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Little Yellow House by Carissa Halton (141)

This is a wonderful book about how one can live in a poor area with a lot of crime around you just because you like a house and think you can create a home out of it. This book showed … Continue reading

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