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The Last Hockey Player by Bretton Loney (50)

I won this book last year with the Canadian Book Review Challenge. I received a book signed by the author with a wonderful note!  I will cherish it forever!  I just love receiving notes from authors like this. It makes … Continue reading

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A Fantasy Novel for Teens and Young Adults Like No Other

The Frights of Fiji By Sunayna Prasad This is a well-crafted coming of age fantasy story for teenagers and young adults. It is a quick-paced story that will capture the reader’s attention and not let go until the last page … Continue reading

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When Everything Feels Like the Movies by Raziel Reid (49)

Reid compares a school to a film set. There’s the crew that makes things happen. The Extras who fill the empty desks, and the Movie Stars whom everyone wants tagged in their Facebook photos. Jude doesn’t fit in. He’s not … Continue reading

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Islands of Decolonial Love by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson (48)

This is a unique book that I picked up at the University of Waterloo. I thought it would be a book that would stretch me, make me think, and encourage me to be the best version of myself. And that … Continue reading

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Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me by Anna Mehler Paperny (47)

This is a heart-wrenching book about depression.  It is a silent epidemic in our culture and in our world. Not too many people talk about it, yet it is the only way to bring some closure and help to the … Continue reading

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Trudeau on Trudeau by Jan Ferguson (46)

This is a light take on our Prime Minister of Canada. It is funny as well as honest. It is a self-portrayal that I have never really seen before. It shows the vulnerable and humble sides of Trudeau, just in … Continue reading

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Newfoundland and Labrador by Rachel Eagen (45)

Newfoundland and Labrador is a province of rock and sea. Stark beauty and harsh conditions are part of everyday life for the 500,000 people who live there. Labradorians and Newfoundlanders are separated by water but they share a might spirit … Continue reading

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Manitoba by Rachel Eagen (44)

This is a book about Manitoba.  It is written in French!  I didn’t know that when I placed it on hold through my online library catalogue. But since I am from French and am trying to keep my French au … Continue reading

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Future Crimes by Marc Goodman (43)

This is an eye-opening book about cyber safety.  After reading Goodman’s book I have come to believe that there isn’t any safety. I believed that before, but now I actually having a world’s leading authority telling me about this which … Continue reading

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