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The Garden Going on Without Us by Lorna Crozier (186)

This is yet another poetry book for our Canadian Book Review Challenge this month!  I just really enjoy reading Lorna Crozier’s works.  And this poetry book is no exception. This book is Crozier’s sixth collection of poems, and is a … Continue reading

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Clifford by Harold R. Johnson (73)

This is a great nonfiction book that reads like a memoir or chronicle of a life in Saskatchewan. I loved the book, and the story as well as the background to the book. It is real and raw as well … Continue reading

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Indigenous Peoples, Atlas of Canada: First Nations By Perry Bellegrade (67)

This is an important book about the First Nations. This book represents Indigenous perspectives which are much older than the nation itself. It is shared through maps, artwork, history and culture. The First Nations Culture is rooted in storytelling. Since … Continue reading

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The Girl in Saskatoon by Sharon Butala (119)

I love any story by Sharon Butala.  She is a native of Saskatchewan. And she lives and breathes the stories that she writes. This is a nonfiction book about friendship, memory, and murder. So, it is a story that will … Continue reading

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The Perfection of the Morning by Sharon Butala (114)

This is a memoir-type book about her journey from a career in academe to the West with her new husband. She obviously made a lot of sacrifices. But I am sure there are still things that she misses about her … Continue reading

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The Garden of Eden by Sharon Butala (113)

Here is another book by Sharon Butala!  This one is a fictional book. It is written almost poetically. It is like a good meal, it has all the flavours and textures to make a delightful story. This is a sweeping, … Continue reading

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Lilac Moon by Sharon Butala (112)

I have recently started reading this author that I was completely unfamiliar with before.  I saw the books at my local library and they tweaked my attention immediately. I just love prairie authors. I have been trying to pick as … Continue reading

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