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The Writer’s Life: The Margaret Laurence Lectures (112)

This is a great book about the 25th anniversary of the Lecture Series. It brings the best writers and everything that they say is necessary for a writer’s life. Some of the stories are humorous. Others are more serious. But … Continue reading

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The Write Track by Betty Jane Wylie (111)

This is another book about how to succeed as a freelance writer in Canada. I have been reading a few books this month about this topic because I am a writer, and of course, I am writing in Canada. So, … Continue reading

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The Canadian Writer’s Market: The Essential Guide for Freelance Writers (110)

This is a great book for writers about the state of the Canadian Writer’s market. It is a book that is necessary for all writers to be most successful in their writing careers. It can be difficult to be a … Continue reading

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This can be Beautiful by Tiffany Pratt (109)

This is a book that is so full of colour, your eyes will keep turning the page until you are finished reading the book and looking at all of the photographs. This book is like no other I ever read. … Continue reading

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A World we Have Lost by Bill Waiser (108)

This book examines the early history of Saskatchewan through an aboriginal and environmental approach. First Nations and mixed-descent peoples played a leading role in the history of Saskatchewan as did its land and climate. Saskatchewan has remained an aboriginal territory, … Continue reading

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The Chinese Violin by Madeleine Thien (107)

This is a wonderful book about immigrants feel when they come into a new country to make a forever home. There is so much planning and turmoil that a family experiences. When Lin Lin and her father immigrated to Canada … Continue reading

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Learning about Earning by Rachel Eagen (106)

This book answers a lot of questions about money such as how much we should give to charity, what we should save, what we should buy and so on. Eagen divides our money choices into three categories: spend, save and … Continue reading

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