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Autonomy: The Quest to Build the Driverless Car by Lawrence D. Burns (80)

When I read Brave New World and 1984 when I was a teenager, I thought some of the changes that these authors prophesied what would happen to the world in the future. I remember being scared and frustrated at the … Continue reading

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The Next Ones by Michael Traikos (79)

I picked up this book on the new book section of my local library.  I have always been fascinated about who will be the next great hockey players. My husband is a hockey buff. So, now I can talk to … Continue reading

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Lives of Girls and Women by Alice Munro (78)

This is a classic by Alice Munro.  I took out the book recently again to re-read it again. I just love Munro’s writing, and even after re-reading it yet again I can see why people absolutely love her work. This … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving by Heather C. Hudak (77)

This is another children’s book about a very important traditional feast in Canada, and that is Thanksgiving! I just love thanksgiving, and Heather Hudak really brings some of the parts of the tradition to life in this wonderfully enlightening picture … Continue reading

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Cultural Traditions in Canada by Molly Aloian (76)

This is a wonderful book about all the cultural traditions in Canada.  This book can be used by both the younger child and the older one as well for school projects. I had no idea that Canada had so many … Continue reading

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The Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson (75)

This is another treasured story by Craig Davidson. I just love his stories so much. And it is unexpected for me given that I don’t usually like spooky reads.  But this story is spooky but with a proper balance of … Continue reading

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Starlight by Richard Wagamese (74)

This is a great story great spooky story just for Halloween.  It is another book that I will add to my Canadian Book Review Challenge for this month. This story is about Frank Starlight. He has long settled into a … Continue reading

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Chosen: By Paddy Bostock

Chosen By Paddy Bostock In this wonderful political fantasy story, Paddy Bostock is back with a book that is unforgettable and mesmerizing. It is a book that I couldn’t put down, once I started reading it. It is a story … Continue reading

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Clifford by Harold R. Johnson (73)

This is a great nonfiction book that reads like a memoir or chronicle of a life in Saskatchewan. I loved the book, and the story as well as the background to the book. It is real and raw as well … Continue reading

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Precious Cargo: My Year Driving The Kids on the School Bus 3077 by Craig Davidson (72)

This book was just a joy to read!  I loved it from the get-go. It was a surprise too. When I was in my local library a few weeks ago, I saw it on the new book shelf, and I … Continue reading

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