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DNA Is not Destiny by Steven J. Heine (237)

This is a brand new book that I found in my local library on the new book’s shelf.  I am SO glad that I read it! So many of us believe that if we have parents who are prone to … Continue reading

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A Field Guide to Lies by Daniel J. Levitin (231)

This book is all about how to think critically in the information age.  Things are usually coming at us so fast, that it is hard to think critically. However, we must try to do so as much as possible. We … Continue reading

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Smarter, Faster, Better (227)

Smarter, Faster, Better is an important book for everyone who is interested in what it takes to be the most productive person that we can be in all areas of life. Motivation is a popular topic in the literature currently. … Continue reading

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Weaponized Lies: How to Think Critically in the Post-Truth Era By Daniel J. Levitin (217)

This book is a must-read for all of us, given the ubiquity of information and the seeming difficulty to verify all the information on the internet and web. We are living in a post-truth era. The media have a bias … Continue reading

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