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The Book That Made Me: A collection of 32 Personal Stories By Judith Ridge (226)

This is a book like no other that I ever read. It is a treasure-throve of tidbits from writers and what made them who they are today. For many writers, it is what they read when they were young that … Continue reading

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Eat Up: An infographic Exploration of Food By Antonia Banyard and Paula Ayer (225)

This is an important book for kids of all ages. I can absolutely see this book for home economics’ assignments and for other informational purposes. Even I learned a lot from this book that I definitely didn’t know. We all … Continue reading

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The Jaguar’s Children By John Vaillant (224)

This novel is gripping and very rich as well as lyrical. It is a wonderful work of fiction where you will feel glued to each page until the whole book is read from beginning to end. Hector, a young Mexican … Continue reading

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Everybody has Everything By Katrina Onstad (223)

This story tackles many different topics and Katrina has such a talent of weaving each one of them right into the heart of her story so that the reader is drawn right into the middle of the angst and drama … Continue reading

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Tides of Honour by Genevieve Graham (222)

This is a wonderful story about love, loss, and honour amid the horrors of war and its aftermath. It is a story that will capture the imagination of its readers. It is a story that lingers in the mind and … Continue reading

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Why Do Families Change? Our First Talk about Separation and Divorce By Jillian Roberts (221)

This is an important picture book for kids about an important topic: separation and divorce Given that so many families split up and end up torn apart for all kinds of reasons, kids find themselves between different homes and parents … Continue reading

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A Deepening Life by Joan Grundy (220)

This is a memoir-type book about how disheartening it is to watch a parent with Alzheimer’s grow more and more distanced from us. It can be so painful; yet, many graces and lessons can be learned, as Joan Grundy has … Continue reading

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Just Cool It: The Climate Change and What to do about it By David Suzuki and Ian Hanington (219)

This book is a must read for all Canadians who are interested in this wonderful world of ours and are wondering about climate change and whether it will have long-lasting and devastating effects. There is so much misinformation out there. … Continue reading

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Turning: a Memoir By Jessica J. Lee (218)

This memoir is about how a swimmer conquered all the odds and gained strength and self-confidence like nothing ever did in her life. Jessica Lee swims through all four seasons and especially loves the winter. It would be especially hard … Continue reading

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Weaponized Lies: How to Think Critically in the Post-Truth Era By Daniel J. Levitin (217)

This book is a must-read for all of us, given the ubiquity of information and the seeming difficulty to verify all the information on the internet and web. We are living in a post-truth era. The media have a bias … Continue reading

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