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Indigenous Relations by Bob Joseph and Cynthia F. Joseph (8)

This book is a wonderfully informative tips and suggestions to make reconciliation a reality. We are all treaty people. But what are the everyday impacts of treaties and how can we effectively work towards reconciliation if we’re worried our words … Continue reading

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Starlight by Richard Wagamese (74)

This is a great story great spooky story just for Halloween.  It is another book that I will add to my Canadian Book Review Challenge for this month. This story is about Frank Starlight. He has long settled into a … Continue reading

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Indigenous Peoples, Atlas of Canada: First Nations By Perry Bellegrade (67)

This is an important book about the First Nations. This book represents Indigenous perspectives which are much older than the nation itself. It is shared through maps, artwork, history and culture. The First Nations Culture is rooted in storytelling. Since … Continue reading

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Contributions of Aboriginal Peoples to Canadian Identity and Culture by David R. Newhouse, Cora Voyageur, and Dan Beavon (77)

This is another book about the aboriginals and how they seem to be a hidden people. I wanted to spend part of this year reading as many books about the plight of the aboriginals as possible. And this book is … Continue reading

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Speaking Our Truth by Monique Gray Smith (56)

This is a nonfiction junior book about aboriginals.  It is an important book for all kids. We need the next generation to really understand what the aboriginals went through. We need our youth to be part of the journey toward … Continue reading

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