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City Critters by Nicholas Read (146)

This nonfiction book is about wildlife in urban areas. It will inform as well as educate. This book could easily be used for school projects for elementary school students as well as possible high school students. When we think of … Continue reading

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Louis St. Laurent by J.W. Pickersgill (126)

This is a book about a great Canadian, Louis St. Laurent! I just love books about Canadian politics. Under St. Laurent’s government, confederation was completed and three major construction projects, the St. Lawrence Seaway, The Trans-Canada Highway, and a transcontinental … Continue reading

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Lilac Moon by Sharon Butala (112)

I have recently started reading this author that I was completely unfamiliar with before.  I saw the books at my local library and they tweaked my attention immediately. I just love prairie authors. I have been trying to pick as … Continue reading

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River in a Dry Land by Trevor Herriot (111)

This is the second book I read by Trevor Herriot.  I just love his writing, and this book didn’t disappoint either. Although it isn’t my favorite book written by him, this is my personal opinion of course, I really loved … Continue reading

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The Road is How by Trevor Herriot (110)

I have been reading all the books by Trevor Herriot at my local library.  I discovered how great a writer he is. He explains the prairie flatlands so beautifully that I definitely want to visit very soon! This book is … Continue reading

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The Prairies (104)

I have been reading quite a few books about the prairies lately. I just love the flatlands of Canada, and I look forward to visiting the Prairies soon. The book shows how crops create geometric patterns in the farmland near … Continue reading

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Maximum Canada: Why 35 Million Canadians Are Not Enough by Doug Saunders (89)

This is another book that I found on the new book shelf at my local library. And the cover sure jogged my attention, as you will already saw in the cover displayed here. The book raises a question that I … Continue reading

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