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Sloth at the Zoom by Helaine Becker (56)

As some of you would have noticed, I have been enthralled in Helaine Becker books lately. She is not only a great writer, but her stories make me laught out loud.  How great is that! Sloth is looking forward to … Continue reading

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Triceratops Stomp by Karen Patkau (53)

This is an endearing book about how a Mom keeps her little ones safe from the harshness of the elements in the world. The illustrations are amazing, and they bring the meaning of the book home for the reader. Nestled … Continue reading

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Joyous Health by Joy McCarthy (25)

This is a book about how to eat and live well without dieting. Who wouldn’t like that, huh? All of us would. And she shows us how this could be done, one page and one recipe at a time. This … Continue reading

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All We Knew But Couldn’t Say by Joanne Vannicola (5)

This is a story that is start and honest filled with determination. It is a compelling narrative about hardship, survival and resilience.  After reading this story, I was convinced that we all can overcome any challenges from our past. It … Continue reading

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Heroes in My Head by Judy Rebick (4)

This is a courageous, moving, and powerful memoir from one of Canada’s best-known feminists. It is an incredible untold story of Judy Rebick’s struggle with depression and Dissociative Identity Disorder. It is very raw, honest, and yet inspiring. It shows … Continue reading

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So Many Babies by Lorna Crozier (189)

This is a great picture book for kids that I picked up by one of my favourite poets.  Lorna Crozier is a wonderful writer, like no other that I have read when it comes to saying things through poetry. Her … Continue reading

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Who Will Cry When you Die by Robin S. Sharma (183)

This a book that is full of life lessons on how to live in our fast-paced world. I have reviewed all of Sharma’s books and loved every one of them. I even have some on my home shelf. Many of … Continue reading

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