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Fierce Women Who Shaped Canada by Lisa Dalrymple (136)

This is a wonderful book about seven important women who have made and shaped Canada the place that it is. These women were brave, courageous and fierce–the exact traits that make women great at any time. This book is written … Continue reading

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Flush: A Robin MacFarland Mystery by Sky Curtis (52)

This is the second book that I won through the Canadian Book Review Challenge last year. This novel is a mystery. It is also a great read. I also had no idea that the publisher of this novel, Inanna Press … Continue reading

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The Power of Kindness: Why Empathy is Essential in Everyday Life by Brian Goldman (44)

When I saw this book on the new book shelf, I was intrigued. We all know the importance of kindness. And in many cases in life, only kindness really matters.  But can most of us be kind?  This book underlines … Continue reading

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Children of My Heart by Gabrielle Roy (38)

This is a great book!  Despite its small size, it is elegiac and graceful. It is also filled with homely wisdom that it overflows its pages. Gabrielle Roy is a wonderful writer and storyteller.  She is one of Canada’s truly … Continue reading

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The Book of Blessence by Ione Grover (24)

I decided to read a few books by Ione Grover.  She is such a wonderful writer. I just am transfixed by her style and depth. And this book is no exception. This is a book of poems. She has never … Continue reading

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No Matter What Happens by Ione Grover (23)

This is a book about how to discover your own authentic, resilient faith. For Grover, faith is a conviction. No matter what happens, she believes, we are not alone. Gosh, if we just all believed that.  Wouldn’t we live a … Continue reading

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We Generation: Raising Socially Responsible Kids by Michael Ungar (21)

This is an important book for our time, given that we are having so many difficulties with our youth with depression and other suicide.  It is important for all of us to get a handle on how we can help … Continue reading

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