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Trees of Ontario by Linda Kershaw (81)

Ontario would be a different place without trees. Each spring, trees are among the first plants to bring a flush of green. In summer, trees shade our parks and yards, giving shelter from hot sun and drenching downpours and providing … Continue reading

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Canadian Trees by Colleayn O. Mastin (80)

This book for kids is about all the trees in Canada. It doesn’t include all trees but the ones that the author is representative of Canada. The book discusses the Aspen that is in every part of Canada.  It is … Continue reading

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Canada’s Trees by Elizabeth MacLeod (79)

This is another wonderful book about trees. This one is for kids though. It talks about all the sap trees that are existence in our wonderful country. This book contains a lot of informative tidbits, such as, did you know … Continue reading

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The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben (78)

This is a most interesting book about trees.  I got interested in this whole topic of trees while writing an article for kids about trees. I had no idea that trees had so much symbolism and meaning as they do.  … Continue reading

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Contributions of Aboriginal Peoples to Canadian Identity and Culture by David R. Newhouse, Cora Voyageur, and Dan Beavon (77)

This is another book about the aboriginals and how they seem to be a hidden people. I wanted to spend part of this year reading as many books about the plight of the aboriginals as possible. And this book is … Continue reading

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Canada by Emily Rose Oachs (76)

This is a wonderful picture book for kids about Canada. The book is a great source of information for school projects as well as overall interest.  Even I learned a lot from the book… For instance, did you know that … Continue reading

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Girl Runner–a novel by Carrie Snyder (75)

This is a story that is as interesting as it is inspiring.  I am SO glad that I picked it up at my local library. Girl Runner is the story of Aganetha Smart, a former Olympic athlete who was famous … Continue reading

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