Good Morning, Monster by Catherine Gildiner (131)

This story is about a successful but lonely musician who suffers from sexual dysfunction, a young woman whose father abandoned her and her siblings in an isolated cottage is angry at everyone except her father. It is also about an Indigenous man who’d endured great trauma at a residential school who can’t mourn his loved ones. It is also about a gifted young woman whose abuse at the hands of her father led to a severe personality disorder making it hard for her to cope with her life.

This story is also about a workaholic who has a narcissistic, negligent mother who greeted her each morning with “Good Morning, Monster.”

The author tells the story of these people with a novelist’s storytelling gift. She recounts the painful details of the struggles of her patients, and what let to their recovery and her own tale of growth as a therapist.

Each of Gildiner’s patients present a mystery, one that will only be unpacked over years. They seek Gildiner’s help to overcome an immediate challenge in their lives, but discover that the source of their suffering has long been buried. It will take courage to face these realities.

Each patient embodies self-reflection, stoicism, perseverance, and forgiveness as they work together to face the truth.

The story also offers a behind the scenes look into the therapist’s office, illustrating how the process can heal even the most unimaginable wounds.

I loved this story.  It is one of hope and perseverance as well as courage. It is a great read for anyone who needs to come to terms with his or her past.


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I am a freelance and academic writer. I am currently writing a book called `Fearless Freelance Writers`. Please look out for it soon on this blog.
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