Tanna’s Owl by Rachel and Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley (114)

This is a heartwarming story for kids based on Rachel Quitsalik-Tinsley’s own life experience. The book showcases the importance of hard work, helping and caring, even when what or who we are caring for doesn’t love us back.

When Tanna’s father brings hone an abandoned owl, she is eager to take care of the needy and ugly bird. However, to adequately take care of the young baby owl, Tanna has to wake up at 4 am. She has to catch food for the owl so that she can given it to the owl to eat.

Then she must feed it and clean p after it, all the while avoiding its sharp, chomping beak and big, stomping talons.

After weeks of following her father’s instructions on how to care for the owl, Tanna must leave home for school. Her owl has grown. It has lost its grey baby feathers and is beginningĀ  to sprout a beautiful adult snowy owl coat. As she says goodbye to the owl, she is relieved not to have to care for it anymore, but also sad to let it go.

I love stories of love for abandoned animals. Even more so, I love when kids learn important lessons after reading the book. This book does all of this and more.

The illustrations are also adorable.



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