Sydney Bellingham’s Canada By William Hesler (33)

This is a unique book about Canada around the 1800’s.  It is an honest yet concise historical account of the main cities in Canada around that time.

Sydney Bellingham came to Canada in 1824 from Ireland, alone, at the age of fifteen. He spent a couple of years in the dense forests which surrounded what is now Peterborough, Ontario.

He then served as a apprentice to a lumber merchant at Quebec City, and when he turned twenty-one, he set up a business of his own in Montreal.

During the Rebellions of 1837 and 1838, eh served as a captain in the Royal Montreal Cavalry, and played a key role at the Battle of St. Charles. After peace came, he because a lawyer, and then a newspaper editor.

For six years, he sat in the Legislative Assembly of the United Province of Canada a s a Member of the Argenteuil County. After Confederation, he represented that country in the Provincial Parliament for eleven years. In the middle of all this, he helped build one of the first railways in Canada, and brought about the settlement of the Northern part of Argenteuil.

His memories, which were the main inspiration for this book, give us new insight into the people, places, and events of the middle half of nineteenth-century Canada. This book strives to bring his experiences to life in a manner which is entertaining as well as informative.

This is a book that could be used for school projects and much more. It is also a great read for the historical buff out there.

It is interesting to know how Canada was divided up in the eighteenth century. I always wondered. So,when I saw this book on the shelf, I knew I had to read it.


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