British Columbia by Vivien Bowers (197)

This is definitely a place I always wanted to visit. I hope to take a train right across Canada from east to west one of these days soon.

British Columbia has the oldest and biggest trees. Some are over 1,000 years old. Some are 13 feet wide and 300 feet high. It has the largest fleet of ferry boats. There are also more varieties of bats in BC.

The mountains are rugged and gorgeous. The wildflowers are colorful during the springtime.

Half of BC’s residents live in the Vancouver Metro area. The Okanagan River Valley is absolutely gorgeous. BC is home to the lynx. There are hundreds of species of birds. It also has bald eagles. They just look so cute.

There are nineteen percent of people with partly Asian roots in the area. British Columbians have tied to more than one ethnic group. Forty-two percent of British Columbians have some British roots. BC is a colourful and lively place. The parks are just gorgeous.

This is definitely a place I’d love to visit. It is going on my bucket list.

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I am a freelance and academic writer. I am currently writing a book called `Fearless Freelance Writers`. Please look out for it soon on this blog.
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