Trust: Twenty Ways to Build a Better Country by David Johnston (185)

This is a much-needed book in our time of political and cultural upheaval. Trust and honesty seem to be gone right by the wayside which is why we are having immense problems now. Even our politicians are not trustworthy and it seems that one or more of them are accused of some horrendous things.

This book is a restorative book.  It is meant to get us on another new path to political and personal wholeness. But we need to start with ourselves first. Unless we are honest and trustworthy ourselves, we will never be able to be honest with others. Instead, we will manipulate and force others to see our ways. Some of these way will be corrupt because the politicians themselves never took stock of the kind of people they are.

Trust is a much-needed manual for the repair and restoration of the social quality on which all democracies rely.  One of Canada’s most revered governors general, David Johnston mines his long life and varied career to give Canadians twenty ways to make themselves, their institutions, and their country more worthy of trust.

Many of these habits, attitudes, and approaches stem from is experiences serving as the representative of the head of state in Canada for seven years. Some ways are individual–listen first, never manipulate, be consistent in public and private. Some are geared towards leaders at all levels and of all stripes–be barn-raisers, tell everyone your plans, depend on those around you. And some are societal–apologize, cherish teachers, invite others to dance.

Ever person who cares about their democratic way of life is wise to heed Johnston’s polite yet pressing call. We can all become more worthy of trust. We can do so by daring to be true to ourselves and living an exemplary life, one that others will be able to learn from.

This is our call, and each one of us can make a big difference in this regard.

I loved this book!  And I will be recommending this book to my family and friends.

About irenesroth

I am a freelance and academic writer. I am currently writing a book called `Fearless Freelance Writers`. Please look out for it soon on this blog.
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