How to Stop Time by Matt Haig (181)

When I saw this title on the shelves of my local library, I knew I had to read it. The title immediately resonated with me because I was always curious if time can stop pretty well from my teenage years. It is one of those topics that I was always intrigued by.

Despite the fact that this is a novel, it kind of reads like a memoir where the author discusses love, loss, betrayal, and the mistakes human beings are bound to repeat.

When it comes to love, most of us make horrendous mistakes from time to time. This book shows the reader that love is a powerful emotion that will make us do things we wouldn’t normally do.

Tom Hagard has a potentially dangerous secret. He looks like an ordinary forty-one year old but because of a rare condition, he’s been alive for centuries.

Tom performed with Shakespeare, explored the high seas with Captain Cook, shared cocktails with Scott Fitzgerald, and more. He’ done and seen a lot over four hundred years.

How did he escape detection for so long? He had to keep reinventing himself. He had few rules to live by except “don’t fall in love”. However, like all rules, after a while, its tempting to break them. this is certainly what happens when he meets Camille at the dog park. Not only did he break his rule and fell in love but he was worried about getting discovered and his secret finally exposed.

However, he would so much love to build a real life for himself. But can he do so with Camille and will she blow the whistle on his secret?

This is a bitter-sweet time-travelling story about losing and finding yourself again.

About irenesroth

I am a freelance and academic writer. I am currently writing a book called `Fearless Freelance Writers`. Please look out for it soon on this blog.
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