Canadian Structures and Sustainability by James Bow (145)

There have been many natural disasters in Canada. Hurricane Hazel created a lot of damage in 1954. Many people were killed, roads, were washed out, and some collapsed altogether.

We need to make structures more sustainable. Around the world more than 81 percent of energy comes from fossil fuels. These sources release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which cause global climate change. These sources are non-renewable and cannot be replaced.

Canadians use more energy per person than all but seven other nations on earth. A life that depends on non-renewable energy is not sustainable.

Pollution from using these energy sources will make soil and water toxic to people, plants, and animals.

We must take strides to be more sustainable by:

  1. conserving energy
  2. having roof greens
  3. gardens guilt on roofs
  4. high-efficiency water fixtures
  5. high-efficiency appliances which conserve water and energy

We can all do our part to create sustainable lifestyles so that we don’t keep polluting our environment. All we have to do is to take the time to do so. But we also have to become more aware and motivated to do something about it. But we must do so as our lives and the livelihood of our kids and future generations are dependent on our actions now.

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