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Does Canada Own the Arctic? The Argument For and Against by Simon Rose (143)

There are two sides of the debate of whether the Arctic is owned by Canada. In this book, the two sides are examined in detail. The book is written for kids of all ages. I can see this book used … Continue reading

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Wasted Time by Edward Hertrich (142)

This is a memoir about Edward Hertrich who ends up in prison for a while. He was born and raised in Toronto’s Regent Part. He left high school in grade eleven to start working. A year later, he started dealing … Continue reading

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Little Yellow House by Carissa Halton (141)

This is a wonderful book about how one can live in a poor area with a lot of crime around you just because you like a house and think you can create a home out of it. This book showed … Continue reading

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Wayside So By Cecily Nicholson (140)

This is an eerie book of poetry by an award-winning writer. The poems are angry, honest, and expressive of a young girl who was missing her Dad in her life. He was a travelling musician when she was growing up … Continue reading

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Bad Kitten by Ellen Rumsey (139)

I just love cats! I think I’ve had a cat for the last 40+ years in my life. So, when I saw this new book, I knew I had to read it! In addition to being cute and funny, it … Continue reading

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Jean Chretien: My Stories, My Times Translated by Shiela Fischman and Donald Winkler (138)

Jean Chretien was always a political figure who fascinated me. I grew up in Quebec during a time of great political unrest. There was something about Chretien that intrigued me. In this collection of short stories published twenty-five years after … Continue reading

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The Triumphant Tale of the House Sparrow by Jan Thornhill (137)

I always loved sparrows and so when I got a chance to read a book about them, I took out this new book from my library. This story traces the riveting, beautifully illustrated account of the House Sparrow. It traces … Continue reading

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