Dene First Nations by Heather Hudak (129)

This is a book about the Dene First Nations Tribe in Norther Canada and Alaska. They lived here for at least 10,500 years!  Now that is hard to believe, isn’t it?

The traditional lands of the Dene stretch from the West side of Hudson Bay across the Northern parts of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC into Alaska.

The Denes call their lands Denendeh. This means the homeland of the Dene people. The book also discusses the history of these Indigenous Peoples and how oil and gas was discovered through these areas.

The Dene’s were hunter-gatherers. Men hunted. Women and children gathered plants and berries. They also prepared meals and kept the home clean and tidy.

Until recently, two or more families lived and hunted together. They shared food and other things so that everyone had enough.

The book also discusses the pastimes of the Dene’s.  There is so much that they do that is simple by our, Western and modern way of looking at things.

I enjoyed the book very much!  It is an interesting exploration of the Dene People. I learned a lot about this tribe of Indigenous Peoples.


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