When a Child has Diabetes by Denis Daneman, Shaun Barrett, and Jennifer Harrington (103)

This is a wonderful book about the challenges of having a child diagnosed with Diabetes. There are so many life-changing aspects to having a child who lives with Diabetes both for the parents and for the child.

However, learning about this condition and how to manage or control it is essential for children and teens to get on with their lives with as little risk and as much vigor as possible.

Present-day therapy has gone a long way to improving outcomes for people with diabetes and advances in research are being rapidly applied to further improve their quality of life.

This essential guide, with new current based on cutting-edge research and current standards for treatment, is comprehensive, accessible and supportive, and truly aims to help parents, caregivers and children understand diabetes and live happy, healthy lives.

When our child or teen is diagnosed with diabetes, there is little we can do to really change the situation other than take insulin once or a few times and day and do a lot of self-management and pacing of one’s life. It can be so hard for children and teens to feel trapped by the disease. However, there are many things that we all can do to overcome these obstacles from the disease.

This book is written by a teach of doctors from The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. It is a resource that all parents who have teens and children with diabetes should read and refer to often.

The book is also full of pro-tips for parents and children as well as teens. In addition, useful resources are offered on a host of topics concerning diabetes throughout the book.

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