The Great Trail By Michael Haynes (93)

This is a great book about the Great Trail. I had no idea that it spans so far–it basically spans from Newfoundland to Southern Ontario on the Trans Canada Trail.

This book highlights 30 routes, 900 km of trail, and 6 provinces. What a wide span of space and beauty. This is one more reason why I absolutely love Canada. I will be sure to schedule a visit to part of the Great Trail starting this coming summer. Since it starts in Southern Ontario, my neck of the woods, it should be relatively easy to do so.

This book begins at Cape Spear and it ends on the shores of Lake Huron. Michael Haynes follows The Great Trail through the remote interior of Newfoundland, the coastlines of the Maritimes, the Quebec Laurentians, the lakes and farmlands of Southern Ontario and the cities of Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto.

In this authoritative guide for adventurous hikers and cyclists, Michael Haynes uses beautiful colour photographs and detailed maps to punctuate his comprehensive trail notes, offering a connoisseur’s sampling of the best of The Great Trail in eastern Ontario.

I loved the photographs in this book. They highlight how painfully beautiful the natural habitat and wildlife and birds are around The Great Trail. Some of the photographs show a natural beauty that far surpasses anything I imagined.  I just love books like that!



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