Dissident Doctor by Michael C. Klein (84)

I have been reading a few medical books recently. I not only love the topic of these books, but I also learn so much about the state of our medical practise in Canada.

This book is written by a medical doctor. He provides an inside look at how family medicine needs to be more accountable to new mothers. It is a startling and raw book that is as honest as it is informative and eye-opening.

Medicare needs more support and family medicine deserves more respect. This book criticizes from inside the health sector by a highly acclaimed doctor from Montreal. He is a distinguished scientific researcher, veteran medical administrator, professor emeritus, recipient of the Order of Canada and lifelong gadfly.

In this book, Dr. Klein intersperses fascinating tales of individual cases with determinative elements of his personal life. As the son of American left-wing activists, he grew up singing folk songs about justice and racial equality. As a young doctor, his refusal to serve as a military physician during the Vietnam War prompted his immigration to Canada. His early experience working with midwives in Ethiopia were formative, leading him to question many standard but unjustified procedures in Western maternity care.

Dr. Klein determination in the face of great opposition and the strength of his convictions as well as his humility and sense of humour drive this powerful story of a life and career dedicated to his patients and his principles.

I loved this book from start to finish. I believe that of medical care would be far better off if it allowed for patient input. Many times patients are silenced because they don’t have the kind of knowledge and expertise that is necessary to give an informed consent in favour of a procedure. But how about our own intuitions of our bodies?  Does that always have to go by the wayside?  There is so much knowledge and wisdom that we have as patients that the physician cannot not unless he or she asks us.



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