Autonomy: The Quest to Build the Driverless Car by Lawrence D. Burns (80)

When I read Brave New World and 1984 when I was a teenager, I thought some of the changes that these authors prophesied what would happen to the world in the future. I remember being scared and frustrated at the ideas that these authors presented.

Fast forward many years later…I won’t mention how many, and I saw a book about a driverless car?!!!  This beyond any of the previous forecasts of what our future would hold.

As usual, I found this book on the new book shelf at my local library. I wrote my post-graduate thesis on Autonomy, so that title struck me deeply.  I knew I had to borrow it and read it.

What surprised me is that I loved the idea of driverless cars.  I also had no idea that there are approximately 1.25 million people killed in cars every year.  That is a staggering statistic. It would seem that we are distracted beyond anything we can fix.  People text, read, fall asleep at the wheel, and are just generally distracted. This kind of mindlessness has opened the door to a driverless car that doesn’t make errors to this kind of extent.

But to think that there won’t be any cars at all and that all driverless cars can be called when we need them much like an UBER cab idea.  You can download the app on your phone and bang!  You can get a cab and go wherever you want without any fuss or maps on how to get to a destination.  In my opinion, that takes away from the fun of a trip.  I love just taking a map and going to places unexpected.  Will that still be possible?

Whether we like it or not, we stand on the brink of technological revolution. This is happening, and we have been on the cusp on driverless cars for a while now. But they are just around the corner. So, we have to simply try to accept the idea of a driverless car and perhaps even welcome it.

If you are interested in the advent of driverless cars, this book is for you.  Take it out and read it, have an open mind, and see where it takes you. I believe driverless cars are inevitable now.

About irenesroth

I am a freelance and academic writer. I am currently writing a book called `Fearless Freelance Writers`. Please look out for it soon on this blog.
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