The Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson (75)

This is another treasured story by Craig Davidson. I just love his stories so much. And it is unexpected for me given that I don’t usually like spooky reads.  But this story is spooky but with a proper balance of story and spook. I will buy a few of Davidson’s books for October so that I can revisit these books.

This story is about Jake Breaker. He is a neurosurgeon and he knows that when he surgically operates on his patients he is doing more than removing a part of the patient’s brain tissue. He believes that he is altering the seat of consciousness which is the vault where memory resides. It is a tricky operation and he takes his surgeries very seriously.

When growing up in the 1980s in a small seedy and haunted town in Niagara Falls, one of Jake’s closest friends was his uncle Calvin. He was a sweet but eccentric misfit enamored of occult artefacts and outlandish conspiracy theories.

The summer Jake turned twelve, Calvin invited him to join the Saturday Night Ghost Club–a seemingly light-hearted project to investigate some of the small town’s more macabre urban myths.

Over the course of that life-altering summer, Jake not only met his lifelong best friend and began to imagine his own future, he came to realize his uncle’s preoccupation with chilling legends spring from something so painful and buried so deep that Calvin himself was unaware of the source.

This novel poignantly examines the fragility of mind and body, the resilience of the human spirit and the haunting mutability of memory.

I loved this story. I was able to appreciate some of the neurological elements because I love to tinker in the areas of neuropsychology.

If you want to really get scared, just read this story!


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