Starlight by Richard Wagamese (74)

This is a great story great spooky story just for Halloween.  It is another book that I will add to my Canadian Book Review Challenge for this month.

This story is about Frank Starlight. He has long settled into a quiet life on his farm which is far from civilization and noise. He occasionally ventures into the country side around his property to photograph the wild animals who thrive there. His contemplative existence comes to an abrupt end when Emmy, a woman on the run who has committed a desperate act so she and her child can escape a life of abuse, comes into his life.

Frank takes Emmy and her daughter in to help then get back on their feet. But gradually this accidental family grows into a real one. Can Frank develop feelings for Emmy?  However, Emmy’s violent ex-boyfriend isn’t just going to let her go. He wants revenge and is determined to hunt her down.

Starlight was unfinished at the time of Richard Wagamese’s death in March 2017. Yet every page radiates with his masterful storytelling, intensive humanism, and insights that are as hard-earned as they are beautiful.

The story radiates with astonishing beauty. It has scenes from the rugged backcountry of the BC Interior. The characters have scars that cut deep even as their journey toward healing and forgiveness lifts us.

This story is a wonderful last gift to his devoted readers. He believed that stories could save us. and this one is well on in that calibre. I’m so glad that I read this book. What a treat!



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