Canada’s World Wonders by Ron Brown (70)

This is a wonderful book about all the parks and stone sculptures in Canada.  What a GREAT country this is!!

Canada is blessed to have many natural and historical features that resonate around the world. While not all will have a UNESCO or even a national designation, they nonetheless attract the interest of those both inside and outside the country.

Visitors journey from around the world to hike them, bike them, sail them, drive them, photograph them, or film movies at them.

Most of the entries in this volume, however, do find themselves on the world’s lists of wonderous sights and adventures. Many are one of a kind, the largest of their kind, or simply a curiosity.

How many, even within Canada, know what a pingo is, or an inuksuk? Or that Alberta is recognized around the world as having a leading treasure trove of dinosaur fossils, some even intact, and has the world’s leading museum to house them? Or, that the world’s oldest operating oil field lies not in Alberta or even the Middle East but in Southern Ontario. I didn’t know that!

Much of Canada’s world legacy lies in famous and infamous events that are at one time attracted world’s attention, such as the frantic stampede to the Klondike goldfields and Franklin’s ill-fated search for the Northwest Passage. While such events have faded into history, their visible legacy often survives.

Canada is a young country with an Indigenous heritage that long predates Confederation and the European invasions before that. The Haida Gwaii totems and Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump are unique in the world.

While this human heritage may not rank with the pyramids of Egypt or the Taj Mahal, it has attracted the world’s attention and often spawned a dynamic tourism industry. Natural features extend from the oddities in the Far North, such as the burning hills to the world’s last temperate rainforests of the BC coast and the geological legacy of massive meteor craters.

It is not solely about tourist dollars, however, for many of the entries in this volume may be remote or hard to access. Rather, it is about a heritage, both natural and cultural, that allow Canada to stand out amid the world’s wonders.

I loved this book from start to finish!

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