Indigenous Peoples, Atlas of Canada: First Nations By Perry Bellegrade (67)

This is an important book about the First Nations. This book represents Indigenous perspectives which are much older than the nation itself. It is shared through maps, artwork, history and culture.

The First Nations Culture is rooted in storytelling. Since time immemorial, The First Nations peoples passed on knowledge from generation to generations through their Oral Traditions to teach their beliefs, history, values, practices, customs, rituals, relationships, and their ways of life.

The culture and the teachings of the First Nations ancestors are preserved and carried on through the words of Elders, leaders, community members and young ones. These teachings form an integral part of their identity as nations, communities, clans, families and individuals.

This book highlights some of the stories told by the First Nations Peoples. The result is a remarkable and breathtaking array of their experiences and worldviews.

First Nations stories can vary from the historical to the sacred and often entertaining and humorous. Many of our stories focus on social, political and cultural experiences. Sadly, Canada’s history has not been kind of the First Nations Peoples. And yet, their resilience as people are astonishing.

This book represents stories from First Nations Peoples from coast to coast. It is a beautiful display of prose and photographs that will help the reader understand the culture and Peoples. What a wonderful book.  It will be a book that I will be reading and re-reading over my lifetime.



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