Canadian Celebrations Series: National Indigenous Peoples Day by Heather C. Hudak (64)

National Indigenous Peoples Day is on June 21st of every year. It is a time for us to share and celebrate in the Indigenous Peoples heritage and culture.

Indigenous Peoples have been in Canada for longer than anyone can remember. They live in all parts of the country.

Indigenous Peoples in Canada include First Nations, Inuit and Metis. Each group has its own language, culture and traditions.

There are more than one million indigenous people in Canada. Now that is a lot of people!  They make up of four percent of the Country’s population. Ontario has the largest indigenous population. So, it is crucially important for all of us to celebrate their culture and traditions.

It is also important for kids of all ages to learn more about the indigenous Peoples. There are a lot of books being published about these wonderful Peoples. I will be reviewing a few of these books this month. So, stay tuned for that.

This is the last book by Heather Hudak that I will be reading and reviewing, for now.  I’m sure I will be revisiting her in future.


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