Canadian Celebrations Series: Remembrance Day by Heather C. Hudak (62)

This is another great picture book for kids about another important celebration for Canadians: Remembrance Day!

About 1.7 million Canadians served in World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. Many Canadians have also served in other places. Some examples are Egypt, Syria, Somalia, Haiti, and Afghanistan.

Veterans play an important part in most Remembrance Day services.  Some veterans have fought in wars, others were there to maintain peace. Remembrance Day honours the veterans.

It is a humbling and sad time. But it is also a time to rejoice that we had so many good men who were willing to risk their lives to keep us safe and peaceful.

We are so lucky here in Canada. And this book underlined this gratitude that I feel towards our country and all of our veterans.

This is a very important topic for all Canadian children. It’s crucially important that they learn from the earliest age the importance of honouring our veterans, and to take time on Remembrance Day to say thank you in whatever way they can.


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