Canadian Celebrations Series: Family Day by Heather C. Hudak (61)

This is another book that I discovered in my library in the Canadian Celebrations series.  It is just as good as the first one on Fall Fairs.

I learned so much in this book. First of all, I had no idea we had 10 million families in Canada!  That is a lot of families.

Until 2008, we didn’t have a holiday for families to get together and have fun!  After New Year’s day, there was not other holiday per se until Easter. So, Dalton McGuinty decided that it was time for Ontario to follow other provinces in observing the day as a holiday so that people could have time off to be together.

It is usually just after Valentine’s Day here in Ontario. So, it because a time when families skated, skied, and participated in many other kinds of activities as a family. It brought families together, and it is a time that all families look forward to.

I love Family Day.  It gives me a chance to cook my family’s favourite meal and just read, rest and indulge.

This is another great book by Heather Hudak about another holiday that is characteristically Canadian!

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