Universal Health Care: What the United States Can Learn From the Canadian Experience by Pat and Hugh Armstrong (163)

This is a book that is informative and inspiring.  I knew that our health care system was the best in the world. And now I have the research to prove it.

American health care is at a crossroads.  In the past fifty years, the profession of medicine has become the business of medicine, and many people are unhappy with the results. The mission to relieve pain and suffering. has been supplanted by the drive to maximize profit and the cost has been tremendous.

Along the way, innocence and idealism has been lost, trust has eroded, and health care professionals find themselves uncertain as to who they are to serve. Patients agonized over managed care denials. Physicians lament the loss of control and try to figure out how medicine could have gone so wrong.

Many in the US look for solutions to the current health care crisis. However, before we can solve a problem we have to define it.

In the United States today, there are more than forty-one million people who are without health insurance. This does not include the millions who are woefully underinsured, including the millions of women of child-bearing age whose health insurance does not cover prenatal benefits and families for whom a single hospitalization would mean economic catastrophe.

Perhaps we, Canadians, got it right!  We are providing health care for all Canadians with the Canada Health Act. Five basic principles form the basis for a comprehensive public health policy: public administration, comprehensiveness, universality, portability, and accessibility.

Comprehensiveness means all necessary services are covered. Universality means everyone is covered. What a great system we have.

Despite the fact that this book is about twenty years old, most of the information contained therein is correct. We in Canada still have the best health care system in the world. And I am very proud of that fact, as we all should be.  Perhaps we shouldn’t take it for granted as we do.




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